Shipping Director 1.05 available for NopCommerce 2.5

We've released Shipping Director 1.05 for NopCommerce 2.50.  You can download it from the Download Trial link on its product page.

I'll blogged about the new features shortly.  In brief:
  Support for complex Free Shipping and Reduced Shipping scenarios  (by Product, Category, etc.)

  Support for multi-location shipping
    - Pass location info to other shipping plugins
    - Sum rates for same method name :  e.g. FedEx Ground & UPS Ground  ==> "Ground"

  Can pack multiple times for complex scenarios

  Fabricate a package of given dimensions (CreatePackageFromBoxDims)
    - e.g. Convert Quantity into a Package Weight so you can use ByWeight shipping plugin's method/country/weight setup

  HTML entry in expression fields (for example, you can put map links in shipping description field)

  XML parsing - e.g. allows access to Checkout Attributes  ( SelectSingleNode() ) 

  Goto linenumber  (for complex flow control)

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