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Shipping Director for nopCommerce 3.40 Released- Saturday, July 19, 2014

The SD version is 1.19

Release Notes

Updates for 3.40
Warnings about ShippingDirectorIsActive and OtherShippingRateMethodsAreActive
   Warning: Core 'Free shipping over X' is enabled
   Warning: Actual store shipping will be 0 because ...
       the cart has no items that require shipping
       all products are marked for 'Free shipping'
       the Customer role has free shipping"

Hide test button if SD is not active

Customer extension - HasAttribute  (This accesses the customer shopping attributes, not the customer custom attributes).  E.g.:
    Customer.HasAttribute("DiscountCouponCode","freeshipping")    //compare with InvariantCultureIgnoreCase

Update 2017-12 - Although the  HasAttribute  extension still works, it won't be able to check the DiscountCouponCode as in the above example.  nopCommerce now supports multiple coupon codes applied to the cart.  So, they now store XML in the DiscountCouponCode attribute.   Also, the attribute can be the null string, and you cannot call methods (like ToLower() ) on null strings.  This is how you can create a variable:

   (Customer.GetAttribute("DiscountCouponCode") + ".").ToLower()

Or just test the condition directly:

   (Customer.GetAttribute("DiscountCouponCode") + ".").ToLower().Contains("""couponcode""")

Note the extra quotes "" on both sides of string.  The XML attribute is quoted.  In the future, we'll create a collection property to make this easier.

---end of update---

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