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Prevent checkout if the cart has products that don't all have the same vendor- Thursday, October 1, 2015

There are a few blogs that show how to use ErrorExit to prevent the customer from checking out; like this one.

Here's how to prevent checkout if the cart has products that don't all have the same vendor:

 ErrorExit        Items.Select(Product.VendorId).Distinct().Count() > 1                  "Your cart contains products that don't all have the same vendor"

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Vendor can only ship to certain cities- Sunday, August 17, 2014

In this scenario, our requirement is to prevent shipping certain products to cities that a vendor does not ship to.  In SD, we check if both the shipping address city is not a permitted city and the cart contains an item for Vendor 1.  If this condition occurs, the ErrorExit line will cause the message like "Sorry, vendor1 does not deliver in your city" to appear to the customer, and prevent them from checking out. (The double quotes are required because Description Expression is an expression) 





Description Expression



Vendor1 Cities

"Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas"




Not a Vendor1 City

![Vendor1 Cities].Contains(ShippingAddress.City)




Vendor1 Restriction

Items.Any(Product.VendorId = 1) and [Not a Vendor1 City]

"Sorry, vendor " + Items.First(Product.VendorId = 1).GetVendor().Name + " does not deliver in your city"






  Order Line 60 would be whatever Option(s) you would want to offer.  However, if there are multiple items in the cart, the customer may wonder which product is sold by Vendor1 -so, we can let them know with a message like:  "Sorry, HP Pavilion Artist Edition DV2890NR 14.1-inch Laptop is sold by vendor1, whom does not deliver in your city" .  Use this expression instead:

"Sorry, " + Items.First(Product.VendorId = 1).Product.Name + " is sold by " + Items.First(Product.VendorId = 1).GetVendor().Name + ", whom does not deliver in your city"

You can download the above configuration that you can then import into Shipping Director.

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