Fixed Rate when less than X kg, otherwise per kg rate

The last few posts have been fairly complex scenarios.  I'll be posting some more simple shipping examples...

The shipping computation we'll configure is:

If the total weight is less than 5 kg, then the shipping will be a flat rate of $20.00, 

and if the total weight is 5 kg or more, then there will be a shipping rate of $4.00 per kilo.

Note the Name Expression on the above option.  This is optional.  In this case, it allows you to show the actual weight in the Shipping Rate Name shown to the customer.  E.g.

    Shipping for 9.1 kg ($36.40)

You can also choose to use a Ceiling math function in the Rate Expression so that fractions of weight roll up to the next whole integer:

   Math.Ceiling([$TotalWeight]) * 4.00

Shipping for 9.1 kg ($40.00)

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