The Shipping Director is an "evaluation engine"

The Shipping Director is an "evaluation engine".  Each row is evaluated based on "Order".  (Some old school VB developers may notice the numbering scheme in the example screen below. :)  The "Type" of each row is either a variable (String, Boolean, etc.), an Error, or a shipping Option.  For Variables, the "Expression" field should evaluate to the type of the declaration.  For Error and Option, the "Expression" field is a 'condition' that should evaluate to a boolean - if true, the additional expressions are evaluated (rate, surcharge, etc.), and if false, the next row is examined.  You can specify whether the rows continue to evaluate, or "Exit" when matched - ErrorExit, OptionExit.  Additionally, there is (not shown below) a global setting: "Evaluate All" vs. "EvaluateFirstMatchOnly", whereby a plain Exit or Option will exit if EvaluateFirstMatchOnly is set.

Below are some sample expressions in context of the Configure screen.   (Note that NameExpression and DescriptionExpression must evaluate to strings - if you just have text, be sure to enclose it in double quotes.)

Sample Expressions

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